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Why Butt Karahi acclaimed among the best karahi in Pakistan? Butt Karahi Review

Why Butt Karahi acclaimed among the best  karahi in Pakistan? Butt Karahi Review

A great person once said that half of any dish’s taste is hidden in its presentation or appearance. A yummy dish has a unique and attractive appearance. I think Butt karahi follows the same rule. However,  Butt Karahi is one of Pakistan’s leading local food chains. It is famous for its special karahis ranging from Chicken Karahi, and Desi Murgh Karahi to special Butt Mutton Karahi. The reason why I’m writing this article about Butt karahi is I recently get a chance to visit one of Butt Karahi’s restaurants in Pakistan. The following part of this piece of writing will give you an authentic review of the famous Butt Karahi.


In Lahore, Butt Karahi is revered as the king of karahi. The restaurant is crowded with sweaty, stench-filled men wearing undershirts, and the meal is sold by the kilogramme, but maybe the best complement to the business is its imitations. It takes some work to get to Lakshmi Chowk, past the congested streets and packed stores. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to get there while keeping your sanity.


What is A Karahi?


The cast-iron stewpot known as a “karahi” is used to make a variety of stews with origins in the Subcontinent. In this way, the terms “chicken karahi,” “mutton karahi,” and even “paneer (cheese) karahi” relate to the container in which the items are cooked rather than the method of preparation.



Speaking figuratively, karahi is often a stew made with most or all of the following ingredients: tomatoes, green chillies, garlic, ginger, chilli powder, lemon, salt, black pepper, dried fenugreek leaves, and some kind of protein. There is a karahi variation that substitutes yoghurt and black pepper for the tomato reduction, resulting in a somewhat bland but more flavorful marinade for the meat.


Butt Karahi’s Outlets?


Butt Karahi


There are around four or five separate Butt Karahi locations nearby. The OG, so each says. All of them are crowded when we visit during Sehri in Ramadan, much like cigarette boxes when you’re running low on cash. Is it important which one we visit? At this time, most likely not; they all undoubtedly often steal, borrow, and ask for recipes from one another. However, we prefer to believe that we are visiting the genuine one. So we choose the one we think is the “most real” and wait for our party of twelve for thirty minutes while the tables are cleaned.



We are surrounded by a diverse group of individuals while we wait, including street vendors selling Chinese toys who poke us with sharp objects and beggars who, for some reason, become more aggressive and confrontational in this area of the city. In order to keep your muscles from becoming fatigued as you binge, “professional” masseuses are offering to rub your shoulders and temples. Unattended kids zip between people’s legs while yelling, shrieking, and generally being annoying. We purchase a hand massager that appears to have been intended to be a vibrator.


Lakshmi Chok Butt Karahi Lahore:


Not for the timid, Lakshmi Chowk. It’s a task that will put your finest and worst qualities to the test because of the lengthy wait periods, foul streets, and generally boisterous atmosphere. Before being seated, we order 4 kilogrammes of chicken karahi and 7 kilos of mutton karahi at Butt Karahi. It’s probably for the best that I’ve been going to the gym more frequently these last several weeks with at least a dozen other customers trying to place orders beside us. It takes a little muscle to go through this fish market.


laskhmi chok lahore


We’re sitting in a filthy, musty, humid area with rows of metal chairs and tables. There must be a fire risk associated with this. We watch as at least six sticks of butter are brought to the outside cooking area at the entryway for our order while we sit shoulder to shoulder with little room for our legs and little personal space. We finished off all six before the end of the evening.


Finally, Our Food Has Arrived:


After some teasing and frustration, the food shows up in karahis that are so big I could sleep in them. We launch our all-out assault with Rotis the size of huge pizzas on our side. The idea of utilising plates does not exist. We gratefully scrape, scoop, and coax the tomato-based reductions into our gaping mouths using the karahi as our common container. We cross our hands, smear the stew all over our clothes and the room, and generally don’t think too much. This is the closest a Pakistani guy ever comes to being in the natural world.


First Impression of Butt Karahi:


To my view, Butt Karahi’s mutton and chicken karahi seem really different.

The chicken karahi seems comparable to the main components of a genuine Italian Margherita pizza: simple, vivid, and delectable. It is lighter and is decorated with more cilantro and general shrubbery. The oversized Rotis are given something to ponder about by the tomatoeyness, and my mouth is immediately greeted by the tangy tastes. Despite being mildly spicy, it scores quite poorly on the sleep-or-scream scale. After removing the associated flesh, we are nice enough to utilise the side plates to dispose of the bones. We’ve all worked hard for this, even though it’s greasy and will eventually cause us all heartburn and indigestion. The chicken karahi had vanished in a matter of minutes.



Butt Motton Karahi Taste:


butt mutton karahi


The mutton karahi is a unique beast. Complexity and a silky, cream-like mouthfeel are provided by muted tastes. Any lover of red meat will be delighted by the way the mutton crumbles when prodded with Rotis. The masala, or the actual stew, is thick and hearty, and the garnishing is a little more restrained than in the chicken version. Rich and flavorful, it provides a change of pace from the chicken, practically acting as an appetiser before the main meal. Within the same bite, each flavour is distinct and combined. As the delicately spiced mutton touches one taste bud, the black pepper tickles a separate one. This is a symphony if the chicken karahi was a rap song.


Other Amazing Food in Lahore:


There are several dessert alternatives nearby, but we choose Yousuf Falooda. Yousuf Falooda is a milk, jelly, and basil seed-based dish that frequently contains vermicelli noodles, but I’ll keep that for another review. I am aware of this since I thoroughly cleaned out each component after my shirt and appreciated it quite a bit. It was not attractive.

To my knowledge, Butt Karahi has nothing to do with butts. It does, however, relate to the fundamental tenets of Pakistani cuisine and the unwavering passion for food that our community as a whole share. I sincerely feel that situations like this make it crucial to focus on the small things as much as possible.


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