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Pakistan Travel Series By Davidsbeenhere (Part-I) | The Best Pakistani Street Food Reviews

Pakistan Travel Series By Davidsbeenhere (Part-I) | The Best Pakistani Street Food Reviews

Since the start, the Pakistani food box has been writing about international bloggers’ experiences and views on Pakistani cuisine—those who are our regular visitors familiar with our scenario. Our aims are that we want to show Pakistan’s accurate and fantastic picture. It does not because we, the Pakistani food box team, belong to this GOD gifted country and want to support our country. Instead, you’ll find it as the fact that Pakistan is the most beautiful country that indulges with confound surprises. This country has diverse culture in every sphere of life, whether its Food, cuisine or beautiful countryside. After knowing its natural face, Pakistan would become the favourite destination for foreigners, as in the case of Davidsbeenhere. Pakistan Travel Series By Davidsbeenhere is the ultimate Pakistani food journey. 


David Hoffmann is a renowned YouTube vlogger Davidsbeenhere is his YouTube Channel name. He visited more the 80 countries, and precisely, Pakistan is his eighty-second country. He wanted to see Pakistan for a long time, and finally, he got his chance in May 2021. In collaboration with Manaky (the famous tourist firm in the country), David visited five major cities in Pakistan. He started his journey by arriving at Karachi International Airport – the port city of Pakistan. And from Mardan, Peshawar, and Islamabad.


During his stay, Davidsbeenhere explored the diverse culture, the excellent Pakistani street food, and a little bit of the history of the respective cities. This article will describe his journey and his view about Pakistani Food as we did in other papers relating to visitors’ views. You can also read their story with exciting commentary by clicking on the following links:








The Ultimate Food in Karachi


Pakistan Travel Series Davidsbeenhere


Karachi is the biggest city and the economic hub of the country. Having diverse cultures and different varieties of Food, this city has its standards. Many travellers, like David, start their tour of Pakistan from Karachi. This doesn’t seem very easy to put every dish that David eats during his stay. He interacted with more than 500 Pakistani dishes and all dissimilar to each other. So with the broken heart, we chose some of the dishes because we do not want to make your reading boring. And following are the food dishes that he tasted in Karachi.

Lachy Dar Paratha with Omelette and Chollay (chickpeas):


Pakistan Travel Series Davidsbeenhere


David started his food journey by having local Pakistani street food breakfast. He took Lachy dar paratha with omelette and Cholly. The Cholly is a local name for chickpeas, and every city has its unique way of making Cholly. The multiple-layer paratha reminds David of Indian cuisine because they found it similar to the Indian Lacha Paratha. But the Pakistani Lachy dar Paratha recipe is exciting and unique. It has a crunchy texture, an appealing look, and exotic taste, especially when you take its bite with a super spicy Pakistani omelette. You can find the Pakistani Lachy Dar Paratha Recipe here.


The Ultimate Karachi Food Street:


Pakistan Travel Series Davidsbeenhere seafood


If you desire to explore Karachi’s authentic cuisine, then you must use David’s ultimate Karachi food street tour as your guide. You may have found most Pakistani dishes in just one food street. For example, David takes you through Bun Kebab, Dhagha Kebab, Beed Tikka, Beef Kebab fried in butter, and last but not the least Local Khoye Wali Kulfi and Rabari. The Famous Bun Kebab from Karachi Chowk, packed with local spices, Chutneys, and a patty, gave David’s taste buds some pleasuring moments. Similarly, the BBQ of the oldest food street of Karachi make him say, “these food dishes are exotic”!


Sindhi Biryani: The Mood Changer


Pakistan Travel Series Davidsbeenhere; Sindhi Biryani


Despite his presence in Karachi, I think an unlucky person missed the Sindhi Biryani or Karachi Biryani. Among the locals, Sindhi Biryani is renowned as a mood changer. They say if you are sad or feeling bored or having a mood off, eat Sindhi Biryani, it will cherish your spirit. Therefore in Karachi, even in other cities of Pakistan, Sindhi Biryani has a large fan following. On their menus, almost every restaurant, either elite or roadside Dhabas, served Sindhi Biryani or Karachi Biryani. There is some difference between Sindhi and Karachi Biryani Recipes. They are different in taste too. However, the Pakistani Food box has already written articles on Karachi Biryani and Sindhi Biryani Recipes. You can visit our spicy tube to get those recipes.


Seafood In Karachi:


Pakistan Travel Series Davidsbeenhere seafood


As I mentioned in the introductory part, Karachi is Pakistan’s port city. Having a coastline with the Arabian Sea, this city has varieties of fish and other seafood items. Similarly, this city has a diverse cuisine of seafood. Grunter Fish, locally called Dother, King Fish Grill, and Grill Prawns are the most famous. Karachi seafood dishes are one of the best seafood dishes grilled with local Pakistani spices and masalas. We’ll give you some authentic seafood recipes soon!


Traditional Food in Ancient City Peshawar:


Peshawar Street Food


Peshawar is the most ancient city in Pakistan. This city is famous for the generosity of its people and its diverse food culture. David had spent some memorable days of his life in Peshawar city. He seemed impressed by Peshawar culture as well as its food dishes. The Pakhtun’s dress court was another thing that impressed him. However, you can explore the famous Peshawari food street of the ancient city by his vlogs. Food streets in Peshawar have Food of traditional nature. In their menus, Peshawar food streets have meat related dishes.


Peshawar Street Food


Pakistani food box has already written most of the Peshawar related recipes in our spicy and snacks box. Among those, Peshawari Tikka, Kabli Pilao, Fruit Chart, and Peshawari Kulfi were the dishes that David had interacted with. And I guess he still has the aroma of Peshawari cuisine in his memories because Peshawari dishes are true beauty!


Khyber Pass Street Food


David had also visited a Khyber Pass Street Food Market; he got some Afghani Food dishes. Having the longest land border with Afghanistan, Pakistani Food cuisine acquires many dishes from Afghanistani cuisine. The refugee factor is another reason for Afghani influence on Pakistani dishes. Khyber Pass is the major land-mark in Pakistan located in KPK on the land route to Afghanistan. However, David had got many Afghani dishes during his Khyber Pass Street food tour like Afghani breakfast – Tandori Parahta with Afghani Channay, Pilao Samosas etc. Both the words gave him a new flavour with an Afghani touch.


Dinner With Superstar Saman Ansari:


Dinner with superstar Saman Ansari


We have been writing articles on different international visitors from the very start. No visitor or YouTuber couldn’t catch up with Pakistani celebrities. But in David’s case, that seems unique that he get a chance to visit Saman Ansari and have dinner with her. Before taking you further, let me tell you here who is Saman Ansari and why I write her name next to the word Superstar?


Dinner with superstar Saman Ansari


Saman Ansari is a versatile artist who has carved a niche for herself in a relatively short period. She did many TV drama serials for different Pakistani TV channels and NETFLIX. From Pakistan Travel Series, that particular video is the most favourite one. She invited David for dinner and cooked by herself for David. Saman made three dishes for David for dinner: Dam Wala Keema, Daal, and Soya Alo. Dam Wala Keema is a pure Pakistani dish and many cooked in many households. Soya Alo is not so famous in Pakistani cuisine because it has some Italian touch and is mainly cooked in elite restaurants. Pakistani food box will give you the recipe of Dam Wala Keema by Saman Ansari soon. Stay tuned for that!


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