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Pakistani Food Box

One place to know all about Pakistani food as foreigner reviews, authentic recipes, amazing stories and

many more!

Pakistani Food Box

One place to know all about Pakistani traditional food as authentic recipes, foreigner reviews, amazing stories and many more!

Our Mission

Pakistan is a multi-cultural, multifunctional, and historically worth visiting country but it’s international image is blurred due to some misinterpreters. Our sole purpose is to promote the real image of Pakistan. By promoting its traditional foods as well as food tourism beyond its boundaries. Along with that our mission is to provide Pakistani food lovers with the authentic recipes of traditional dishes, tips for cooking these dishes, reviews about the dishes, and suggestions for the best food places in Pakistani streets for the particular dishes.


Close-up of dried, cracked earth.

Our Vision

We are passionate about our vision to promote Pakistani desi food to the international level. The world must know that how rich our country is in regards to aromatic, lovable, unforgettable, and unavoidable food cuisine. We do our best to give you valuable information about the street foods as well as continental foods of Pakistan. Our vision is to make our site one of the most authentic and reasonable blogging sites in this regard. And we are very clever to do that!