The Review Explains whether the following Kitchen Gadgets worth your money or not?

July 27, 2022

The Review Explains whether the following Kitchen Gadgets worth your money or not?


Online stores are the biggest sources of supplying numerous items ranging from office, and workshop gadgets to household gadgets. Among all the famous online platforms, Amazon, Ali Baba, and Walmart are some globally recognized platforms. Specifically, Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce hub. Its Kitchen and household gadgets are very popular and it generates million-dollar revenue from these categories. But it is always a point of concern, from the customer’s point of view that whether the items from online stores are trustworthy or not. To answer this query, there are lots of YouTube content creators who order different items from online stores and review them after real-life tests. However, in this article, I’m going to share real-life tests on different Amazon Kitchen Gadgets that will help you to decide whether these kitchen items worth your money or not. 


Here is the video of testing weird Kitchen Gadgets by Bake with Shivesh. He is a young Indian Youtuber dedicated to doing real-life tests on different products. 



1. Waffle Maker:


The first kitchen gadget is a durable waffle maker. Actually, a number of brands have been offering their own kind of waffle makers through different Amazon stores. During our real-life tests, some of them are incredibly efficient. While the rest of them doing a less impressive job. Nevertheless, I’ll share one good – that is trustworthy – and one bad waffle maker that has poor performance during our live test. Here we go!


Oster Waffle Maker with Adjustable Temperature (9/10): 



With the Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, you may enjoy freshly cooked Belgian-style waffles. This waffle maker produces substantial waffles with deep pockets that you can fill with delectable toppings and syrup. It has an 8-inch nonstick plate. You can make your waffles as fluffy or crispy as you like by simply twisting the temperature dial, and the cool-touch handle provides a secure hold while reducing the risk of burns. For long-lasting performance, this tough Belgian waffle maker is constructed with a strong stainless steel casing. The waffle maker also makes it evident whether the power is on and if it is prepared to bake due to its indication lights.


This went great when we tested it. Moreover, its price is reliable and far less compare to other branded waffle makers. This waffle maker comes up with an adjustable temperature function which makes it more reliable than any other waffle maker.


2. Ice Gola Maker/Chuski Maker (8/10):



Variety is the most common feature in the incumbent e-commerce world. The reason why Amazon leads the international market is its variety of products. Ice Gola Maker is another Amazon Kitchen gadget that is worth buying. Here are some quick words about Ice Gola Maker.


  • For simple cleaning, every component is simply removable. This powerful Gola maker effortlessly creates ice crushes in under a minute.
  • Sharp SS Blades, Power Free, Rust Proof, and Convenient. Made of food-quality plastic.
  • Either at home or during a picnic, you want to recall happy childhood memories. It would be perfect for all

Radhna Ice Gola Maker:

This particular design from Radhna includes a freshly updated version of your kitchen tool with unsurpassed quality and usefulness to complement a kitchen tool that is really adaptable. They provide you with a premium-grade and superb product selection that includes a variety of home and kitchen furnishings, utilities, and other products since they are aware of what their consumers need.


3. Stainless Steel Chipser (8/10):



French fry cutters made of stainless steel from Kmils with potato chips.

Place a potato in the hopper, then depress the handle to cut flawless fries in one fluid stroke. Kitchen accessories that are multifunctional and fashionable while saving time. All parts are interchangeable and removable, making cleaning very simple. Potatoes and other vegetables slide between the sharp cutting blades with ease.

  • Using one fluid motion, cut perfect fries; place a potato in the hopper; depress the handle.
  • Products for the kitchen that are multifunctional, fashionable, and save time.
  • Quite Simple To Clean. Completely Detachable and Interchangeable Parts


4. Hamilton Stand Mixer (7/10):



You don’t need to scrape the edges of the included 4-litre stainless steel bowl because of the planetary mixing motion of the stand mixer.
Choose the best speed for the task with the stand mixer’s 7 settings and mixing guidance. When mixing dry ingredients with wet ones, the moderate initial speed helps prevent spatter and is excellent for kneading bread. Cream or meringue is flawlessly whipped at high speed. The mixer operates better than stand mixers with two beaters and has a tilt-back head design for simple ingredient addition. Additionally, changing attachments fast is made simple by the tilting motion.

  • Mixing components gradually, then beating quickly
  • 7 speeds, a sluggish starting speed, and a mixing guide make it versatile.
  • Identical rotational mixing process as other well-known brands
  • Includes a dishwasher-safe 4-litre stainless steel bowl with handles, a splash guard, a dough hook, a whisk, and a flat beater.
  • It is simple to lift, move, and store due to the integrated mixer handle.


5. Pineapple Corer:



A pair of OXO Good Grips A full pineapple is quickly and simply prepared using the Simple Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer. To produce beautiful pineapple rings, just slice off the top of fresh pineapple and twist the Slicer into the exposed fruit. Pineapples can be easily cored and sliced thanks to the ratcheting mechanism, which eliminates the need for frequent grip adjustments. The Slicer’s helpful measuring indications allow you to stop before piercing the pineapple’s bottom, leaving you with an entire shell to fill with a festive fruit salad or drinks. The turning knob detaches from the shaft for complete cleaning and has a soft, comfortable, non-slip grip. The blade is made of sharp stainless steel and fits most pineapple sizes.

  • Entire pineapples are quickly and simply cored and sliced.
  • Ratchets with comfortable, non-slip knobs that enable continuously 
  • Rotations without requiring you to change your grip
  • Measurement marks aid to avoid penetrating the shell’s bottom.
  • Separate parts make it simple to clean and remove rings.
  • Comes with a safety cover and lays flat in drawers.
  • Slices and cores fresh pineapples quickly and effortlessly.
  • For continuous rotations, use a ratcheting turning knob.


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